What is it?

Prompts is a location based service that allows organisations to communicate with their Clientele via push notifications. Prompts is a plug in to your existing app or a location specific sign up service that uses location or in-store wifi to send timely and relevant messaging.

As users move between different wifi bridges on multi access points a user journey across a site could be mapped, offers can potentially be tailored to specific areas of a location e.g. a coffee shop offer in a shopping centre.

"Using in store wifi, offers can be tailored to suit the customers profile, Prompts empower organisations to tailor messaging and offers to different demographics"

How it works

The Prompts service uses a combination of addresses available from instore wifi. Businesses with multiple sites can communicate at regional or national level issuing general brand messaging. Instore communication can also be activated via the location specific wifi address which allows on site management to tailor offers by region, time and availability. For example a bakery could prompt clients when their produce is 'out of the oven' or a greengrocer could prompt a special offer on their perishable food.
Step 1
Service Signup
Step 2
Connect to WIFI
Step 3
Instore Experience

How the user benefits

WIFI Access

A one time signup that provides a seamless wifi experience between single or multiple locations which remembers each users device when entering a store.

Relevant Offers

General offers are great, but the more a client engages and the more information they divulge about likes and dislikes allows the retailer or organisation to better tailor specific offers.

Spam free

Nobody likes spam so the Prompts service only works when a user is connected to a locations wifi. The signup process is carried out via the organisations own app.


User Profiles

Organisations pushing timely messaging to users can benefit by promoting key offers, manage fresh and perishable goods while promoting both brand and location loyalty.

Customer data

The main purpose of Prompts is to deliver a personal platform for direct communication with your clients. As a result of the service organisations will have data that will help track the success of offers & communication, in addition data will help plot staffing levels and aid in managing the efficiency of the location.

User Loyalty

Providing access to out of home wifi points will prompt location loyalty, this in addition to timely appropriate communication and offers will promote repeat footfall and brand engagement.

Shopping Patterns

Data and device patterns can match specific offerings and interests to users via anonymous profiling or shopping patterns. 

The results

The Prompts service endeavours to use existing wifi facilities to encourage footfall, develop both brand and location loyalty while providing a platform for supplementary personalised communication with clients.
Customer Profiles

Early morning shopping is substantially different to the grab and go nature of the lunchtime rush, or picking up some early evening necessities for dinner. Prompts empowers organisations to tailor messaging and offers to these differing time slots and demographics.

Controlling Offers

Offers can be set at national, regional or store specific levels. Offers can be tailored to reflect time, day, season or even freshness on perishable goods.

Build Customer Relationships & Promote Loyalty

Prompts real benefit for an organisation is in Client relationship management. Used as part of a marketing or engagement strategy Prompts has the potential to be a powerful Customer Service tool.

Engage with your Customers

The Prompts plug-in is fully modifiable and dependant on the level of data available, the system or API, has the potential to include preference filtering to make personalisations and recommendations even more relevant.